Hello, I'm Sagun!

Software Developer by profession

I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. The first programming language I learned was QBASIC back in school. Although I didn't do much using QBASIC beside solving simple mathematical problems and printing patterns on the screen, it helped me realize the power of computer and got me interested into programming.

I graduated from Tribhuvan University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. At the moment, I mostly use Python to make web apps and scripting. I worked for 4 months as an Intern at Young Innovations. That is my only experience working in a company. I have been working as a freelancer since college (2016) and more or less I am addicted to working remotely. You can find some of my programming articles medium.

Over the last 3 years I have used Python for most part of my professional career. Beside that, I am familiar with JavaScript (Express, Node), Java, PHP (CodeIgniter), C and C++. I can do web development, scripting, automation, data analysis and data mining.

I am interested in mathematics, history, economics and political theories. I play chess in my free time. I watch football and support Arsenal although they are not doing great these days which makes me sad sometimes.

Recently I started a newsletter called Remote Letter. It is a weekly newsletter where I share resources, products and relevant information about remote work, digital nomad lifestyle and freelancing. Basically the objective is to make remote work more fun and productive. So if that sounds interesting, do check it out and subscribe. It's free!

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